Our family owned and operated shop opened December 16, 2007, following 7 months of hard work and more than a year of careful planning.

In the fall of 2006 we visited cousins in Cuorgne, Italy. This trip proved to be the inspiration for our flower shop. Though there was a language barrier, we managed to communicate and form a bond with our family that still resides in the house where my grandmother Louisa Fenoglio was born.

When Louisa became a bride in an arranged marriage to my grandfather, James Novascone, they left Italy in 1924 and she left the home to her cousin Ellio. He still lives in the home with his wife, daughter Paola and married son Eugenio and Lilliana. Just across the fertile field lives Ellio's brother, Nellio and his family. These hills in Northern Italy were still alive with descendants of the beautiful flowers and grapes that my grandmother had enjoyed there as a child. Our Italian family was most gracious and proudly showed us their home. We left with the warm feeling that family was still the first priority to these Italians and I was determined to keep these traditions alive in the United States, in spite of our busy schedules and distractions. To thank our hosts we visited a quaint little flower shop and purchased some delightful blooming plants for them. This shopping experience, my love of flowers, which I am sure I inherited from my grandmother and the encouragement of family led to the inception of Bella Fiore.

Our cozy country shop is conveniently located near our home and it is much more than a florist and greenhouse. We have hosted classes and children's events and I have met many wonderful people I may never had met otherwise. We put our heart and soul in creating unique floral arrangements for weddings, sympathy tributes and everyday. We love when someone asks us to create something unique for them and we want them to enjoy our long lasting flowers and shopping experience as much as we do. Though we don't serve the wine list of our Italian hosts, we do serve coffee with our flowers, plants, home decor and personal gifts.

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